Want to Improve the Success of Your Digital Transformation?

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Julian Assange

Election Day Surprise- Where Data Analytics Failed?

Data Culture Election Day Surprise – Did Candidates Kick all Three Buckets? The results of the 2016 presidential election came as a massive surprise to pundits, pollsters and both parties alike. After hindsight analysis, everyone recognized that there was some … Read More

KPI Metrics

What Metrics Should You Track?

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Women and Tech

Women and Tech- No Fairytale

The gender gap and women and tech has been recognized as an issue since at least 2005. This hot topic is the subject of a recent surge of articles. It is tough to believe that by the end of 2016, … Read More

Old-fashioned CRM

What is CRM? Understanding Customer Relationship Management

From Rolodex to Relationship Management Out of the Weeds- Understanding CRM When you hear the term CRM what do you think about? Do you realize it stands for “Customer Relationship Management”? Do you fully understand what that means, how CRM … Read More

8 Steps to Success with BI Tools

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Tableau Cross-Database Filter

Tableau 10 New Data Breakthroughs

  The rumors are true for the release of Tableau 10… There are now connectors for Google Sheets and QuickBooks, Cross-Database Joins and Global Cross-Database Filters Ever wish you had a magic wand to wave over all of the rows … Read More

6 Business Lessons from Muhammad Ali

Before Personal Branding was a coined term in our daily vernacular, I grew up enthralled with the larger than life personality of Muhammad Ali. As a quiet, little girl tempted to follow the safe, conventional path, Ali’s unapologetic confidence and … Read More

Which chart or graph?

Your Answers Buried in Data?

Which chart or graph? You’ve got no shortage of data and you know the answers to your questions are buried in it somewhere. But how do you know which chart or graph will get the answer you are looking for? … Read More

Myth: Spreadsheet Hell vs. Cloud Heaven

We all love the flexibility of Excel spreadsheets for manipulating our data, but we’d have to have our heads in the sand (not in the clouds) to be unaware of the costs of not using the cloud: 1. Data Security– … Read More