One Week, One App

Have a business problem to solve?
Want to create a system within a week?
Unable to get the help you need this week?

One Week, One App is the program for you.

During one week, you will work with a Quick Base expert for 5 one-hour work sessions. Your expert (aka partner) will be selected not only for their Quick Base skills but also for their understanding of business processes and training experience.

You and your partner will set meeting times in advance. Each meeting will be a structured, web-enabled work session. Both you and your partner will do homework between sessions. Voila! Within five business days, you will have :

  • A custom app;
  • A tool and an action plan to improve results;
  • Experience with and true love for Quick Base; and
  • New confidence and a trusted partner that knows your business.

Total time commitment is ten hours over one week.

End Product

The end product is a Quick Base app. It can include:

  • a dashboards,
  • 5 tables,
  • 2 data entry forms,
  • 10 reports,
  • 5 email notification sand
  • 3 roles.

Pricing: $1999. Additional services can be covered in a second contract.

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