Resource Allocation

Resource Allocation just became easier. With CloudBase Services’ ReAllocator, you can easily assign resources to projects and tasks. With a list of work to be done on the top of the screen and available resource on the bottom, ReAllocator lets users “drag and drop” people or teams onto jobs. One a task is assigned, staff utilization rates are re-calculated showing who has excess capacity and who is over-staffed. Managers can also see which projects are over-staffed and which work needs to be assigned. ReAllocator is ideal for program management offices (PMO) that manage assignments of many people to many projects. ReAllocator

  • Increases productivity;
  • Reduces time and cost;
  • Improves morale; and
  • Simplifies project planning.

ReAllocator can be used on its own OR added to a cloud-based application.


ReAllocator is a tool that simplifies resource allocation. Just drag the resource –a person, a team or machine – onto the work and ReAllocator will show you:

  • Who is over-booked,
  • Under-staffed projects, and
  • When work will be done.



ReAllocator can be integrated with time tracking, budgeting and accounting software. Forecasting and scenario planning are easier with the tool.



ReAllocator includes:

  • Dashboards with click-able reports,
  • Printable management reports,
  • Personalized lists of tasks, and
  • Easy input tools.


ReAllocator is the best, customizable online tool for staff utilization and resource allocation. Make ReAllocator part of your custom enterprise software. Email or call CloudBase Services at 510-526-5690 to learn more.

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