Kudos and Compliments

The CloudBase Services team did an amazing job helping us define, develop and utilize the tool. They were extremely responsive, talked through all of the logic and made sure our use cases were represented. The development happened very quickly and they provided training as well.

Jennifer of Hewlett Packard

CloudBase Services demonstrated a complete understanding of my business needs along with the technological knowledge and capability to solve my problem.

Stephen of Hearing Health Systems

[AT&T has] worked extensively with CloudBase Services over the course of the last three years. They have helped us develop several applications from the ground up. CloudBase Services was invaluable in allowing us to take our applications to the next level. CloudBase Services has my unreserved highest endorsement.

  Perry of AT&T

[CloudBase Services] understands my language of “whozits” and “those thingamabobs” and such. All kidding aside, [they] have been able to listen well and decipher what I’m asking for, understand the business need I’m trying to meet, and create the necessary functionality or form that gets me to exactly where I’m hoping to go. Very impressed … they will continue to be my go-to resources.

Derek of TD Bank

I have been working with CBS for about 5 years. Whenever I need a solution for a business problem, I know I can turn to them for an answer that is thoughtful, complete and timely. They are great at working with and training users of all skill levels, and are a valued partner to our business.

Susan of Tauri Group

CloudBase Services has been wonderful. They have been amazing as teachers, consultants and all around building. Always patient, efficient and thoughtful about how to approach a project.

Megan of Adobe

We have been blown away by the amazing working relationship we have with CloudBase Services. They’ve made accommodations to work within our budget, and have kept that in mind throughout this entire process.

Krissy of Sinclair University

CloudBase Service has handled everything we have thrown at them effectively and gracefully!

  Brian of Sullivan Solar Power 

CloudBase Services provided our organization with a great product. Even more important was the excellent guidance given which helped us to develop our solution.

Chris of Georgia Cities Foundation

CloudBase Services is great. I gave them my idea and they made it come to life in such a short time. I am so pleased with the outcome. I am already thinking of other projects they can work on to make my life easier.

Shalon of Golden State Orthopaedics

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